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Here at West-Can Folk Performing Company, we have a passion for the performing arts of Caribbean folk dance, Caribbean folk drumming, Caribbean folk songs and story-telling. We offer thrilling performances combining all the elements of Caribbean folk performing arts for any occasion. West-Can Folk Performing Company provides our members with a unique experience in which they can grow as Caribbean folk performers. Our highly trained instructors have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Caribbean folk performing arts.


Caribbean Folk Dance  Drumming

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Dance & Drum (Summer Camps, Schools)
Costume Making

West Can Sweat Class
(Caribbean Fitness)
Caribbean Folk Dance for Beginners
Caribbean Folk Dance for Seniors
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Children's Classes

In a fun and supportive environment, children aged 3 to 18 years old, have the opportunity to learn Caribbean folk dances and drum rhythms.

Through carefully crafted drum routines and dance choreography, children are able to explore the rich traditions of Caribbean folk culture as it is passed from one generation to the next.

At the end of each 8 month session, participants showcase what they have learned and demonstrate their skills. 

Whether your child is an experienced performer or new to the world of drumming and dancing, West-Can’s children’s classes offer something for everyone.

Adult Classes

West Can Adult Fitness Classes offer a unique and fun way to get in shape with Caribbean folk dance movement and resistance band fitness.

Our classes are designed to improve endurance, provide a full body workout, and improve muscle strength and flexibility.

No prior dance experience is necessary – our classes are a great way to learn Caribbean folk movement without the pressure of performance.

Classes are held on Mondays and Thursdays from 7pm to 8pm at our studio on 7419 Ave Harley in NDG Montreal.

Come join us and get fit while having a great time!

Studio Rentals

West-Can Folk Performing Company has a beautiful studio space available for rent in the heart of Montreal.

This clean and well-equipped space is perfect for community gatherings, dance and yoga classes, meetings, workshops, parties, and photo shoots.

It features mirrors, a speaker system, 40 chairs, 4 tables, a fridge, microwave and a toaster oven, making it easy to accommodate a variety of events.

The studio is easily accessible by public transit making it convenient for attendees to reach.

Whether you’re looking for a space to host a special event or simply want a comfortable and welcoming place to hold a meeting, West-Can’s studio space has everything you need.