Welcome to WestCan


Here at West-Can Folk Performing Company, we have a passion for the performing arts of Caribbean folk dance, Caribbean folk drumming, Caribbean folk songs and story-telling. We offer thrilling performances combining all the elements of Caribbean folk performing arts for any occasion. West-Can Folk Performing Company provides our members with a unique experience in which they can grow as Caribbean folk performers. Our highly trained instructors have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Caribbean folk performing arts.


Children's Classes

Caribbean Folk Dance & Drumming
Parent & Child classes
After school cultural education

Workshops for all

Dance & Drum
Stilt Dancing
Drum & Dance in schools
Caribbean Folk Costume Making

Adult Classes

West Can Sweat Class (Caribbean Fitness)
Caribbean Folk Dance for beginners
Caribbean Folk Dance for Seniors
Caribbean Folk Drumming
Folk Performing Troupe (Dance & Drum)